Hygiene in Treatments for Your Dog

I've been aware of this matter in "dogs with babies", you should give it a lot of importance. Man and dog live in the same microbiologic environment and immunize each other ( they protect each other against different pathogens). Doctors call this "tacit immunization".Zoonosis are infectious diseases that can be reciprocally transmitted between man and animals.

The best protection is in:

  • Hygienic treatment with the dog: washing your hands and not letting it lick your face.
  • Dogs' regular vaccination.
  • Regular parasite treatment.
  • Feeding it with boiled meat.

Worms can be transmitted from dog to man. Regular parasite treatment (every three months) reduces transmission risk.

Skin fungus (dermatofites) can be transmitted from dog to man or from man to dog. They are red circular spots which cause itching. Treatment in men and dogs is very long.

Rabies is a special variant of leptospirosis, and is one of the top five canine sicknesses against which you need to vaccinate.

Tonsillitis and mumps, as well as the flu can be transmitted from man to dog and vice versa. In this case the dog is who runs the most danger.

"Generally tiredness is the first symptom of the sickness".

Important Interventions

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