Female Dog Mating

She went out accidentally and now I don't want her to have puppies
Can I do something to prevent it?
Female dogs tend to wander to mate if they are in heat, and there's nothing you can do once the union has taken place. Even if you try to separate them while mating, you can be seriously hurt by one of them or both. Besides, ejaculation of spermatozoids occurs very soon during the process, so any interruption will probably fail.A possible and secure way of separating them may be throwing water over them. Contact your veterinarian as soon as possible, and explain him the situation. Conception can be avoided with a shot of estrogens in the next two days after mating. Unfortunately, though effective, the estrogen will prolong to the estro phase, increasing the risk of making your female dog too attractive for other dogs. If you are not planning your female dog having puppies, you better extirpate her ovaries, this will prevent these sort of things. Surgery will eliminate disturbances and problems associated to her heat, as well as not wanted litters, that usually increase the number of lost dogs

The Older Dog

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