Where to Buy or Find a Puppy for Sale

Reading the newspapers advertisements is often a good place where you can find a puppy dog for sale; they usually offer puppies with pedigree or mutts without it. On the other side, another spot where you can buy a puppy is also in some domestic animal shops have puppies for sale, but you should examine these animals carefully as the personnel is usually not well trained, and the mixture of so many different dogs could cause some diseases; these problems, however, will hardly arise when you buy a dog directly from his breeder.This is also true in animal shelters, where there is a constant arrival of dogs. Take for granted that they are not vaccinated, and maybe they are suffering of some disease. Usually, these organizations have lots of grown dogs and very few puppies. Don't be surprised or offended, if one of these organizations ask you some questions or visit your home before giving you a dog. They just want to make sure that the dog is not going to have a traumatic experience moving to a new house, for a short while, and then rejected again. When a pedigree dog is received by these organizations, normally they don't give you his genealogy certificates, as there is some opposition to his reproduction. In fact, some organizations insist in castration. The problem of not wanted dogs is actually so serious, that many canine organizations have formed their own rescue teams for determined breeds, in contrast with more traditional organizations dedicated to all unwanted dogs.

I'm worried about how to choose a puppy. Can I trust a breeder?

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