How much should a Puppy Eat. Stop Puppy Diarrhea

My puppy looks for food in the garbage, and has diarrhea again
Certainly, small dogs eat too much in relation with their size: during this phase of their growing they can eat three times more than an adult dog of their same size. The fact that your puppy looks in the garbage and has a good appetite, could be normal, but can also indicate the presence of parasites.It's not strange if puppies have diarrhea, but it could be serious if it is frequent. Ask your veterinarian if you are worried, especially if there are traces of blood in his feces. Diarrhea is not always caused by an infection; one of the most frequent causes in dogs is that they are not able to digest the sugar of lactose milk, which ferments in their intestines. In this case just take milk out of their diet. Always watch your dog's feces, because an obstruction in the digestive zone may cause problems in the anus. This happens more frequently in puppies, which bite and eat any substances they find their way.

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