One Testicle Dog & Health

Is it possible for a dog in good heath to just have one testicle? Both dog testicles are developed in the abdomen, and then go down through the inguinal channel to the scrotum. It's is thought that body temperature in mammals is to high for the sperm production process, known as spermatogenesis, so testicles are in a external sack. In case of a puppy, both testicles should be in the scrotum till six months of age.Some breeds, notably the Yorkshire Terrier, have an increasing tendency to suffer of cryptorchidism, when one or both testicles does not go down as normal. It would be necessary a surgical exploration to locate the other testicle. If left in the body, that testicle may cause an specific kind of tumor, described as tumor cellular sertoli, which is malign. To solve the problem, your veterinarian can recommend suppression of both testicles at the same time, completing castration. As criptorquidia is sometimes hereditary. Affected dogs should not be used for reproduction, even if an implantation of testosterone can cure the dog's health.

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