What do I have to do? Maybe is better to find somebody to take care of him while you are out, because of quarantine regulations. Actually, for instance, if you live in England, Norway or Sweden, and you have to go back home with your dog, he will have to spend six months at a determined canine residence, in quarantine, before traveling.You can visit him during this period, but separation could be very disturbing for the dog, specially if he is middle aged, and has a close relation with you. It is possible to find people than can take care of him while you are abroad, and treat him as a member of their family, even for less money than a normal residence. If you decide to take him with you, be sure you are informed, at the respective Embassy, of all requirements needed, including vaccines. Keep copies of every paper, just in case you may need them in the future.

Can my dog travel by plane?

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