Need Dog Exercise Pen or Garden

Should I take some precautions with dog exercise pen? You have some kinds of exercises. In some cases, the dog is held by a chain hooked to a stick placed into the ground; other times, the chain can be hooked to a wire fence with a ring, allowing the dog to run one way or the other. No system is completely satisfactory, because the dog can reach a tree, and the weight of the chain may hurt his neck.Should you let the dog play in a pen or in an open garden? It is necessary to use some kind of metallic hook, because the dog can bite the rope, break it, and runaway. To limit a dog this way is no replacement for exercise, and dogs can become neurotic, noisy and fearsome if tied for long periods. Never use a sliding chain without being sure the dog can reach his water bowl, and that he has some protection to natural elements, like the sun.

Can I have some other advice about training my dog?

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