If your dog has fractured bones

If your dog has fractured bones: If your dog should suffer a fracture keep it still and calm and do not attempt to move it be until the broken bone is put in a splint or completely immobilized in some way.
If a moving vehicle was the cause of your dog's injury and you are not sure if it has any damage to its backbone, you must place something hard and stiff, like a board or door, under your dog before trying to move it. If you do move dog ensure that all of the dog's body is on the stretcher (or whatever hard flat object you use) and that no part of it is hanging off.
If your dog has back injuries (or suspected back injuries) do not use anything flexible to move it. If you have to move it (if it is lying in the middle ofthe road) and you have nothing hard or rigid available then carefully place the jacket (or whatever you are using) under the dog's body and pull the "stretcher" along the ground from the end where the dog's head is. Do not pull your dog across the ground from the side and absolutely do not try and lift your dog on the flexible material or you could worsen the injury. While you wait for help do your best to keep the dog body temperature normal and if you need to cover it to keep it warm take care that your dog doesn't overheat and further complicate things. Do not medicate your dog by your self and make sure to take it to a qualified veterinarian for a full checked up it has suffered an accident or injury. There are many problems that can only be diagnosed by a qualified doctor with the proper equipment.
Any questions or concerns should always be directed to your veterinarian.

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