If Your Dog won't Come

If your dog refuses to heed your call, try to find out the reason before going returning to the call training. There might be a chance that your dog doesn't feel a connection with you; he might be bored; he might be digging in the trash; or maybe he just wants to play with other dogs. He might also be giving signs of a dominant behavior or he may be scared of you or the leash. You should never call your dog for something he doesn't like.

On the Road
The dog has a fine sense of smell and gets information about the environment by smelling and sniffing. Let the dog do it, and then, call him by his name, tell him to sit down and order him to "come".

Natural Distraction
Even though dogs understand human call, they sometimes prefer sexual investigation. Castrated dogs are less interested in sex and more likely to come when you call them.

Total Lack of Interest
If your dog doesn't consider you a worthy leader, he won't respond to your call. You will have to go back to the basic orders before going on to the call training.

Energy Deployment
Young dogs have an overabundance of energy. If you have a young dog, try to get him tired before you call him.If you have doubts about your dog's obedience, use a retractable leash, leaving the dog run loosely; as a result, your dog will have the false sensation of being free.

Your dog might be temporarily distracted by something exciting. Try to call your dog's attention, by call it by enthusiastically calling him by his name, and then, order him to "come".

Digging in the Trash
Digging in the trash and stealing can be more satisfactory than your praises or food rewards. You should avoid this unpleasant habit by using a long leash or a muzzle.

Reward Obedience
Reinforce your call by retaining your dog by his collar and giving him a treat. If necessary, use food or toy prizes to stimulate your dog to come back.

Play Time
Allow your dog the pleasure of playing with other dogs, but observe his behavior and tell the dog to "come" if the game begins to get too rowdy.

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