Incorrect feeding of your dog

We do not recommend basing the diet on a single food. This could determine imbalance nutrition to the dog. Even the meat is not a complete nutritionist diet neither the viscera's. Avoid danger and mix the dogs food with manufactured products, or foods containing several nutritionist ingredients. We recommend you do not give the dog heart of bovine as if it was their main protein source. Do not give a great quantity of vegetables that has little nutrients and fills their gastric space up when it can be fill up with concentrated food. Avoid sharp bones and splinters that can perforate their intestine or produce asphyxia to the dog. If the dog shows tendency for candies do not stimulate it. Not only the dog will have bad health but will generate obesity. Candies can be good for training although without excess. Dogs are friendly and cooperatives by nature that they do not need to be induced to pleased the owner.

Recipes for Dogs

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