Indoor games to play with Puppy Dogs

Fun ideas to play without leaving the house: Just because it rains it doesn't mean that your dog has to spend his whole day sleeping. Dogs always want to play, so you should try playing these games and later try inventing a few more for the sake of yourself and your dog.

Playing hide and seek: Dogs can find toys, food and people inside the house very well. Playing hide and seek is just as easy to play with people as to play with things that your dog especially likes. Ask your dog to wait for you in a room while you hide a toy or dog cookie (or even yourself) in another. Try not to make it very difficult to find in the beginning and encourage him to find it, and act totally surprised when he finds it. You can start making it harder for him every time as he goes getting better. For example, teaching him to find different things. There are dogs that can find up to a grain of rice if trained too.

bottled food
Earning their food: Wild canines hunt for their food, but for house dogs eating is much more boring, since all they have to do is come to their bowl and gobble down what ever we serve them. If you want eating to be a little more exiting for your dog, you can make him work a bit for his food. If he eats dry fodder for example you can spread them around the house and make him have to chase them or even look for them in order to eat them. You'll see how the more he learns the game the more he'll be grateful for food and wag his tail a lot more. If he eats canned food, you can also play this game like this: divide his food in extremely small rations and locate them all around the house in small bowls. Some dogs can even be trained to return the bowls to the kitchen after he finds them. The candy and the mug

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