Inhibiting the dog mating period

The sexual cycle may be interrupted via a simple injection. This way we can enjoy all the befits a female dog has to offer without the bothersome mating period. Are there any side effect? Well, yes. There are two possible effects: obesity and the accumulation of pus in the womb (piometra). As far as obesity, I'll discuss that further on when I delve into the subject of fattiness. My opinion regarding piometra is the following: if you are the owner of a dog who has never given birth, you will run this risk in up to 5 per cent of the cases as the dog ages, doesn't matter if her mating period has been inhibited. Nevertheless, it is not a death sentence; an operation is a reliable remedy, and might result in the dog feeling somewhat rejuvenated. This complete suppression or inhibition via medication will prove beneficial for both you and your dog. If you choose the right moment to do so, the minimal risk is worth it, since you are avoiding the effort and dangers of the uncountable mating periods you will have to go through.

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