Interesting Facts about Dogs

Here are some Interesting Facts about Dogs your really can do without

  • Good pack leaders take care of all the dogs by making sure all of the members feel comfortable and are well fed. They do not always accept the demands of everyone and can show themselves to be decided and tough whenever necessary. Good dog leaders have sufficient strength to gain the respect instead of fighting and threatening everyone in order to maintain control.
  • The hierarchy that exists in a pack does not remain the same way always; there are situations that can change if the circumstances change. If you have not been able to fully dominate your dog, don't fret there is still hope.
  • Acquiring an elevated status is mainly based on winning small encounters with other members of the pack instead of risking beingbeat in more important challenges.
  • If you have a dog that is insistent and is always decided on getting his way all the time, play the same game on him. Don't let him get his way. Doing this, will help to end the competition and your dog will eventually give in to your demands, unless your dog is as stubborn as you are.
  • Different types of breeds have been bred to exploit different elements of hunting. Sheep dogs, for example, have been bred to chase, and terriers to catch and kill.
  • Dogs prefer to chase and hunt in a pack more so than alone.
  • Two dogs are enough to make up a pack, and together they dare and try out things they wouldn't have otherwise done on their own.
  • Dog owners with two dogs or more must be extra careful to not let their dogs chase after running cars or people on bikes because two dogs together will usually be more daring and dangerous than if it were just one of them.

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