Interesting Facts & information about dogs

  • Dogs use several different strategies to calm their possible aggressors. These include: yawning, looking away, licking their lips, turning their head, smelling something on the ground, turning their head to the side, sitting, giving their back, slowly backing off, or getting near another individual by walking around them instead of walking right toward them because this shows a less aggressive attitude.
  • The way dogs interact together will depend on how many positive encounters they have had with other dogs when they were puppies.
  • Dogs that are well adapted tend to easily and quickly resolve aggressive situations and rarely get into fights.
  • Dogs that have are not well adapted to their surroundings don't know how to interpret the subtle signals other dogs send them and it is difficult for them to show clear signals too, and this often times gets them intotrouble with other dogs.
  • There are many different things you can observe in a dog's body language some of which include: if his ears are back it means he is scared or being submissive. If his ears are forward it means he is trustful or interested. If his eyes are showing the whites and his pupil are dilated, it means he is scared. If his tail is down, he is scared or being submissive. If his tail is upwards, he is confident in himself. If he wags his tail a lot, he is excited.
  • Dogs can actually feel forced to get into a fight when they are surrounded by other dogs. Keep an eye on your dog to make sure you keep him away from these types of situations.
  • Guard dogs, such as Rottweilers and Dobermans, have been bred to show less fear than other breeds; this makes it difficult to know what they are thinking about. They have also been bred to have more self confidence, which means that they will opt to fight if they feel they are in danger.

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