Internal dog parasites. Giardia, Tapeworm, Whipworm, Roudworm, Heartworm, Hookworm, Giardia

Giardia: The Giardia parasite causes mild enteritis and persistent diarrhea, especially in puppies. Humans can also get this parasite and the symptoms are the same. It's not known yet if the canine and human varieties are the same. Take the dog to a veterinarian so he can administer the correct medication. This should eliminate the problem.

Heartworms: Heartworms are mosquito born parasites that can grow into foot long worms that lodge themselves in the right ventricle of the heart. These can cause a lot of damage to the heart as well as the lungs. Untreated heartworms are deadly. Veterinarians can prescribe a heartworm preventative that at the same may also avoid roundworms, hookworms and whipworms.

Hookworms: These are small blood sucking parasites that get attached to the walls of the small intestine. The signs of hookworms are diarrhea and anemia. Hookworms can be removed with a deworming medicine.

Roundworms: These are intestinal parasites that mainly trouble puppies that are under three months of age. Older dogs sometimes develop an immunity that prevents roundworm eggs from maturing into adults. But if these are not taken care of, they can affect the next generation of puppies that come from that dog because the eggs will remain dormant in the dog's body. Puppy deworming medication destroys these, and standard heartworm medications will stop any early infections. This parasite is also potentially contagious to humans.

Tapeworms: The eggs of these parasites are usually transmitted by fleas, feces and uncooked animal remains. There exits several varieties of this parasite, of which cause the canine host no lasting harm, however they should all be eliminated with deworming medication and treatments. There are a few varieties that produce eggs and that can transfer to humans. These can cause life threatening cysts.

Whipworms: These worms penetrate the small intestine as larvae. They then transfer to the large intestine and they remain there until they mature into adults. Signs of whipworms are diarrhea, weight loss, and bloody stools. Whipworms can be eliminated with deworming medications.

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