Intraspecific and Interspecific Aggressiveness and Combativeness

Aggressive conducts change according to dogs. If two dogs fight, mothernature intervenes, because the main goal, is preservation of species.Nature does not allow internal fighting that can destroy wolf packs (or dogs), threatening the existence of the species. Therefore, intra specific aggressiveness and combativeness are developed on a ritual level. This means that growling, barking and menacing, have a concrete purpose within canine community, that is, establishing the hierarchic order. The dog, like the wolf, is a social animal that lives in packs, structured groups where chaos has no place. For the perfect running of the group, there must be leaders and subordinates, generals and soldiers, in every aspect, hunting, defense and other matters.

In the pack, hierarchic positions are not only gained through fighting, although this is the most common way.

The problem is that fighting to the death will decrease the pack's members, and nature tries to prevent it. This explains rituals: gestures and ostentation put it clear who has more guts, who is physically stronger, more constant and more charismatic, but do not consider killing of the weaker, but submission.

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