Is it ok to leave my dog at home while going on vacations?

My friends have promised to feed him: No matter what your friends offer, you better find an alternative place to leave your dog while you are out. Maybe he will languish if you leave him alone at home for most of the time, and conduct problems may arise. Your friends could stay at your house, or take him to theirs, not leaving him alone almost the whole day.

Can I take my dog with me on vacations? You must consider some options. If you are going abroad, be sure you can take him, cause quarantine regulations could forbid it, so better go the some canine society for information. You must also think whether your dog will be comfortable where you are going. Some hotels accept dogs (with additional payment), but you must be sure before. Remember, that he will be in unfamiliar surroundings; so you'll have to watch him closely to prevent him running away and getting lost. When traveling by car, remember to take with you the food and water bowls, clean water, his usual food, and a familiar blanket for the nights.

How can I find a good canine residence?

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