Vegetarian Dog Food

Yes you can feedVegetarian Dog Foodto your pet, but it will demand extra work, especially if the dog is already used to a meat based diet. If vegetable proteins are not so balanced in amino acid, as meat, change to soy proteins. Unfortunately, amounts of 28,5 grams, x 5,5 kilograms of the dog's weight, tend to cause diarrhea.The carbon hydrates in the diet are easily provided, but greases may cause more than one problem. Eggs and cheese with high proportion of grease will be necessary, alongside corn oil, as a source of linoleum acid. Vitamins and minerals may be provided through a special preparation spread over the meal, while some other products, like carrots, can be used regularly as additional sources. Besides demanding more time, it's not the best diet for the dog.

Homemade dog food vs. canned food

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