Canine Adenovirus Infection Symtoms -Type 2 and 1

Is their 2 type of Adenovirous? Yes. The canine adenovirus type 1, abbreviated as CAV-1, produces a contagious canine hepatitis, also know as Rubarth disease. The way of transmission is very important: when gets into the body through the mouth, his effects appear in the liver; if inhaled, probably a less serious disease can occur in the respiratory tubes. Some dogs overcome the infection in the first periods, and few clinic symptoms appear. As in other diseases, young dogs are more prone to this infection.

The typical symptom of the hepatitis is a liver inflammation. This includes jaundice, and the mouth interior and other mucous membranes get a yellow color. The lymphatic ganglions of the body inflate, and hemorrhages can be produced, cause the sanguine coagulation system is also affected by the virus. Infected dogs can die suddenly, without appearing to be ill. Those that recover can suffer of "blue eye", a blue opacity covering one or both eyes for a short period. The dog will recover his appetite, and probably the virus will then go to the kidneys, and will be excrete through the urine for a long time, during which can be transmitted to other dogs. The loss of weight during the critical phase of the disease will be resolved slowly. There are evidences that suggest that the infection with CAV-1 may cause a chronic damage to kidneys, contributing to a chronic renal insufficiency at older ages. Prevention consists in inoculating at an early age, with yearly revaccinations. There is a small danger, and that is that vaccination with living bacteria can produce the blue eye. The second type of adenovirus, CAV-2, tends to go to the respiratory system, and is one of the causes of the dog to cough. There is also a vaccine available to protect the dog from this virus. This cough can lead to pneumonia if not treated, and is as contagious as a simple cold. It can be treated with medicines for cough or expectorants.

Can our dog get leptoespirosis?

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