Dog Obesity: Harmful to Dogs. How can I lower my dog weight

It is said that Dog Obesity affect most of 30% of American dogs, which is more or less the same in some European countries. Some breeds are prone to it more than others, like the Hounds or the Labrador Retrievers. But this problem also affects some small breeds. In this last case, obesity can produce inter vertebral disk problems, to which hounds are also prone. Obesity affects more frequently females than males. It is usually a middle age problem, when the dog's activity decreases.

How can I lower my dog weight

First think about his ideal weight. If he is not a pedigree animal, try to reduce weight where his ribs can be touched easily. Try to reduce the total amount of food in about 40%. Control his weight weekly. Lost of weight in small breeds should be calculated in about 100 grams weekly; in case of big dogs it's three time that amount. Most of them have excess in weight because they are overfed. Some studies suggest that dogs feed with home prepared food, are more prone to obesity. The dog receives a high level of carbon hydrates not used as energy consumption; therefore these are transformed into grease. In a diet, part of the grease reserves of the body are used to match the energy demands, and subsequently are gradually reduced with the obvious lost of weight. Once your dog has lost weight, reaching his normal shape, try hard he doesn't gets fat again. Increase his food in 20%, so he will receive exactly an 80% of the food he used to eat at the beginning. Obesity is not always an outcome of an excessive alimentation; it may also derive from hormonal problems with similar effects that are not frequent in dogs. In serious cases of obesity, the veterinarian can recommend hospitalization, because a strict diet based only on water could be needed. How much water should my dog drink?

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