Symptom of Canine Distemper Virus

If you know the symptoms of the Canine Distemper Virus you are likely to be wanting to take some precautions. Is it true that vaccines against human measles can be used for this purpose? Owners should have their dogs vaccinated against this disease. However, many forget or don't give it any importance till it's too late.Contagion can reach the dog through many ways: epidemic environment, cooling, smelling infected dog's urine, eating infected food, body weakness, etc. Young dogs are in special risk, cause without inoculation, they have no immunity against this disease until, more or less, twelve weeks of age. It's important to be vaccinated, as older dogs use to collapse, specially if they have lived for a long time in places with not too much dogs, and was hard to find the virus. A dog inoculated at an urban zone will surely be exposed to the virus, but well protected, there will be no clinic symptoms. The distemper virus is of the same group as the measles virus, but cannot harm human beings. The measles vaccine, however, can protect young dogs against distemper|, when the traditional distemper vaccine is not effective. Dogs of under eight weeks of age cannot be vaccinated against distemper, cause the antibodies of the mother's milk will overcome the vaccine. The measles vaccine is not affected by the mother's antibodies. It can be used to create the immunology system of the puppy. The vaccine should be used, for instance, at an assistant pound, where a female dog, whose history is unknown, is about to deliver at a place where there is a distemper epidemic. If you think your puppy needs a measles vaccine, tell that to your veterinarian, not your doctor.

Is it true there are two different kinds of canine adenovirus?

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