New Puppy Dos and Donts: Bringing Home a New Puppy

Remember this is first time the puppy travels and is not used to highways; he can get hurt or feel dizzy. If you are going by car, you better have somebody else by your side, specially if you are going to bring the puppy in a cardboard box covered with newspapers. The little dog could try to runaway and divert your attention while you're driving. New Puppy Dos and Donts

Do this and do that. But dont do this and that.

If you use public transport (in some countries it is allowed) remember you have to pay for him, and that he must travel in a box or a basket. If you use a cardboard box hold it by the bottom. Many cardboard boxes are very feeble and use to soften when they get wet. If the puppy urinates, the bottom could weaken causing the little dog to fall. So at the bottom of the box you better place a thick wad of papers. It's not desirable to carry the dog in your arms, his sharp nails can scratch you, and you better keep him far from other people till he is properly vaccinated. Bringing Home a New Puppy.

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