Keep dog out of flower bed

My parents tried everything to keep the dog out of the flower bed. But in the end he just didn't want to give up the habit. You see, when I was a young boy I had an extreme fear of dogs. So my parents bought me a small dog. It was black and white and ever so naughty. But it had one sin which in the end brought about his departure. This was his penchant for digging in the flower bed. Why did my dog dig in the flower bed? Why do dogs all over the world dig in flower beds? Well it all goes back to the time before dogs became so integrated into human life. When dogs live in the wild they have to hunt for the food which they eat. If a wild dog were to leave food out for any length of time scavengers would make short work of it. So the dogs learned to hide their food. This instinct has been passed down from generation togeneration.

Now however as most dogs live in urban settings with yards or parks as their domain the habit of a dog burying things is very problematic. My first dog would faithfully take some of his meal and find a nice clean pretty patch of garden and proceed to dig it up. Then he would stick his morsel of food in the hole and cover it back up again. The problem was that he never could seem to cover the hole back up quite as nicely as the way it was before he started digging.

These days there are very effective methods for helping dogs to overcome this habit if it is a problem. And I personally think that in general dogs that bury bones just need more attention and love to help them overcome this habit.

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