Keeping the Order

The benefits of teaching your dog to stay lying down for a long time can be beneficial for you as well as for the dog. Why? Because that way you can take your dog out shopping with you or even to work, confident that when you give him the order to "lie down" you will find him in the same position when you return.This requires a lot of patient training, but it is time and effort that needs to be invested in order to obtain a reliable partner.

1. Place your dog next to your armchair and give him the order to "lie down" and be "quiet". Loosely hold your dog's leash.

2. When the dog starts to move, grab him by the collar and pull him softly backwards until you get him back in the previous position. Say "no" and repeat the order to "lie down" and to be "quiet".

3. If, after a few minutes, the dog tries to stand up again, you have to immediately intervene. Say "no" as soon as he stands up and insist on the "lie down – be quiet" order so as to reinforce the lying down position.

4. After that, your dog will assume a more relaxed position, lying on a side. It is easier for your dog to stand up from the "sphinx" position and when he lies on a side it means that your dog is accepting your order.

5. Twenty minutes later, your dog will still remain in a totally relaxed position. Gradually increase the duration of this exercise throughout many training sessions until you can completely trust your dog.

Dealing with Bossy Dogs
When you order your dog to stay lying down on the floor for a long period, you are telling him that you completely dominate him and that you call the shots. You are also teaching him to stay calm. If you have a dominating or bossy dog, it is convenient to do this at least once a day.

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