Know all About Dogs

  • A lot of dogs prefer sleeping underneath something as it makes them feel protected such as a table, bed or sofa. This behavior is associated to the trait of hiding in dangerous places, when puppies were bred in kennels.
  • Dogs do not sweat through the glands that are spread out through their bodies; instead they cool off by passing fresh air over the surface of their tongues. The blood vessels in this area expand and they give the tongue the characteristic bright pink color it has to it. Water evaporates through the dogs tongue, and this helps the dog cool off even more.
  • When a dog's tongue hands out of his mouth, it means he is hot; the farther out it hangs, the hotter it means the dog is.
  • Panting caused by stress tends to be quicker then the panting a dog does when he is trying to cool off his body and the dog's tongue doesnot stick out as much as when a dog is hot.
  • A female dog that is in heat becomes more receptive to a male dog. During this stage the female will feel an anxious need to copulate with a male dog and both the male and female will do everything they can to mate. Once this stage is done with, the female will no longer feel the need to escape and copulate. A solution to this problem is to have the female spayed to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
  • One thing that is very important for dogs is to be able to transmit their genes to the next generation, and because of this, fights between male dogs can get quite nasty and the dogs can end up with serious lesions and cuts. These fights can get even worse when there is a female dog in heat near by because the motivation to win will be stronger.
  • Odor plays a very important part in the mother dog's behavior and this is how she recognizes her puppies.

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