Know What a Puppy Needs - What shot puppy need

Puppy owner's obligations: A puppy needs to be fed at the right times without any interruptions in his schedule so that it is not ever left hungry and you must always make sure the puppy has access to clean fresh water all the time. Puppy toys are also necessary items, but make sure to buy the appropriate ones. Rest times and naps are very important for a puppy as well and it is important no one disturbs the puppy during these times. A puppy must be allowed to sleep as much as it wants. All puppies must have an identification tag on their collar whenever going out of the house in case it escapes so that it can be returned to its owner. This way, you will avoid it from getting lost and roaming the streets in search of the owner and accidents from happening. One of the most common problems within the home is marking the limits of the puppy firmly but never by hitting to punish. One very important thing to teach your new puppy is cleanliness, and where to do its needs. If you already live with another dog, you will have to take care of any jealously that might arise and this must be taken care of the minute the new puppy comes into the home to avoid the puppy from feeling insecure and the dog from becoming aggressive with the puppy. It's very fundamental that you always have good communication from the very beginning with your puppy. One of the ways to do this is to play with the puppy and teach him what he can and cannot do. This type of communication causes the puppy to become aware of what you expect of him so that no behavior problems arise and lack of trust. Consistency is very important when training and teaching a puppy; an owner that is tolerant about something one moment and then intolerant about the same thing next time, will cause the puppy to not know how to act in these type of situations, tuning him into an insecure and scared puppy. It's very important you maintain a set response to the behavior of the puppy so that it becomes secure of itself and its owner and feels safe.

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