Dog Laws: Lawful Matters with animals

Before adopting a dog you must thoroughly examine the dogs' history and the contract that you will make in a adopting the dog: is there an legal requirements allowing you to have a dog live in your home, what are the local dog laws? Unfortunately, there is no legal permits which proves that your dog is allowed to live in a rented place or home. The only way in which you will be able to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors and keep them from complaining, is if your dog is well trained and has a good standard.

You must have in mind what it means to your neighbors, who are usually concerned about having peaceful and clean environment, which is your responsibility to be able to maintain.

My advise to you is, come to an appropriate agreement with the landlord, and don't accept a contract that will not allow you to have a dog. In my case I would say that having to find another contract is not worth having to give up my trusted friend.

Having a Dog on Your Own Property
First of all, having a dog on your own propriety is entirely legal. In case that the landlord is not in agreement with having dogs live on his propriety you must respect his wishes, or come to an agreement of a limit of animals allowed.

A Biting Scottish Dog

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