Let your dog know who

It's very important you try to establish a good relationship between your family and the dog as soon as possible. This means that the humans living in your household need to learn how to be in control, without using force. The best way to get your dog to respect you is to be firm and consistent, but at the same time you need to be loving. Your dog will feel happy and secure knowing who is in charge of the house, rather than constantly doubting what his social status is in the family. You can start by drawing out the lines by letting your dog know where he is going to sleep, by always feeding him at the same times, and brushing and grooming him regularly etc.

Bad habits in a dog: As the leader of the house you need to make sure that the little nasty habits your puppy has, which are now just a little bothersome or even fun in some cases, do not turn into serious problems later in the future. An example of this could be when a puppy jumps on visitors that come to the house. This type of behavior is often looked at as adorable, however, the puppy should not assume that visitors are part of their family, and imagine what it will be like when the dog grows up and jumps on the visitors. If you want to correct this behavior, ask your visitors to not pay any attention to the dog until he has calmed down and has his four legs on the ground, and you as the owner should do the same. Don't let the puppy's cute little face and excitement sway you from ignoring him. Another bad habit puppies have is biting when during play times. In nature puppies play like they are fighting with adult dogs. When a puppy bites, even if he is just playing, he can cause damage and hurt someone or another puppy. An adult dog that gets bit by a puppy usually turns around and completely ignores the puppy for awhile. This reaction causes the puppy to calm down; this is the type of reaction humans should have with puppies when they begin biting. Puppies hate being ignored. If the puppy continues biting at you, you can give him a chewing toy to calm his anxiousness.

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