How to Play with my Puppy Dog

There's a million ways to play with a puppy. Since puppies are full of energy, yours will appreciate all the time you spend with him. Just about all games you play with a dog require use of some kind of toy. There's a whole bunch of toys for puppy's that are totally safe and appropriate.

How to have a great time playing safely with you dog: Dogs love chasing a toy around and around, so you will always know that they'll have a blast when you play that way. To spark the dog's interest to the game you must drag the toy around in front of him, in a way that looks like its alive and it's trying to escape. When you see he is interested in playing and starts chasing the toy around trying to be quicker then hplaying dogim.

When he finally gets a hold of the toy in his mouth, softly pull at it a couple of times. When doing this if he starts to growl a bit or tries to bite you instead of the toy, just walk away. After playing a while give him a candy or prize in How to Play with my Puppy Dogexchange of the toy. A soon as he lets go the toy, calmly get a hold of it, and as soon as he finishes eating the candy change games. Repeat this procedure several times then say in a low voice "give it to me!" or "let go!" right before you give him the candy. Your puppy will quickly learn that this means "let go of the toy and wait for your candy". After playing several times you won't need the candy anymore.

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