Licensed Dog Veterinarian

He/She is a public servant and fulfills his/her service hours in a veterinary department, when he/she hasn't gone out to write a report on a dog with rabies. He/she does not make appointments with patients; instead, he/she examines the quality of food products, is responsible for animal protection and rights, and he/she is on the lookout for dangerous epidemics. He/she is, therefore, the ultimate responsible (and not normal veterinarians) in case of rabies. Any suspicion of a contagious disease should be brought to his/her attention, who will then decide what measures to take.Important: In the Veterinary Department they will kindly inform you about the national policies regarding entering and leaving the country with an animal.

Dog experts: Associated dog houses, veteran breeders and other people who have taken care of dogs a lot consider themselves expert with all due justice. So, do not think that because of my condition of veterinarian, I harbor ideas of competitiveness. You should pay attention to these experts. They would, however, have to be good specialists, who are rarer than good veterinarians. The reason is simple: any veterinarian has dedicated his/her career to the therapy of animals. Based on that, he/she will acquire a plethora of experiences throughout his/her veterinarian practice. This base is what the expert lacks. You will recognize a good expert when he is aware of his limitations.

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