Puppy Dog Stealing Objects

-Why do dogs steal our things? Why? Just for fun! Your puppy just likes having fun just like you. So, if he discovers that by pulling pranks he will get more attention, he'll never stop. Some puppies just like robbing things and running off with them to chew on them any way they please but some do it just to see what will happen by doing it. This behavior may be dangerous, because the dog accidentally might swallow something, and it would also be irritating if your puppy would start dog with toychewing on all your favorite objects.

-What must I do? Make sure that your favorite objects are not in the dogs reach. The only way is always picking up after yourself and not leaving anything out. Puppies are especially attracted to socks, pencils and shoes. If your puppy takes something that's not his don't go chasing him to retrieve it, since that's exactly the attention he wants. On the contrary call him and swap the object with a prize or candy bar, and congratulate him for being a good dog and giving it back to you.

Companion, Security and Respect

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