Loss of vision in dogs

Loss of vision in dogs: Some dogs suffer from loss of vision when they reach a certain age. In some cases there is a partial loss of vision and in others there is a complete loss. If you notice your puppy or dog starts running into certain objects or the furniture etc you should take him to get a check up.You can help your puppy or dog by not moving any of the furniture around so as to not confuse him and avoid him from constantly bumping into things. When opening a door be very careful to not bang the dog. Continue walking the dog every day as normal, on a leash. There is not reason the dog should not continue on with his normal life, you will now just have to make sure to make things easier on him. Whatever the case, your puppy or dog will continue being the same old puppy as always and you must make sure to continue providing all your love and care to him as always.

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