Making your house puppy dog safe

Making your house puppy dog safe: Make sure to never leave any medications or pills lying around. It's not unusual for these little rascals to eat them such as aspirin or sleeping pills and these kinds of medications can be a danger to the puppy's life! Be extremely careful of the kitchen! Many times puppy's are put inside the kitchen, or hang out in the kitchen. There is usually always someone in the kitchen so be very careful to avoid the puppy from getting burned with boiling water, hot coffee, or oil. Puppies love coming up to their owner's feet and playing around and unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen. Make sure to protect the puppy from the heaters and fans. You can almost be sure your puppy will want to go and investigate what these interesting artifacts are, and an accident can occur.

Keeping your puppy healthy: It is important when getting a puppy to live in your home, to get a veterinarian to take care of and plan the de-worming schedules of the puppy as well as the necessary vaccinations. Vaccinatingand de-worming the puppy will protect it from diseases the puppy is likely to get that come with the age of the puppy. The first de-worming of the puppy must be done between the third and fourth week of the puppy's life and this must be done again after three or four weeks. After getting de-wormed, it's recommended to do feces analysis of the effects to make sure the puppy does not have or still have any parasites or eggs. You will need to begin a vaccination program at six or seven weeks of age and it must always be done by a veterinarian. Some of the diseases puppies are vaccinated against are: canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Para influenza, Rabies, Corona virus, canine Distemper.

De-worming a puppy: Internal and external de-worming is very important and they are necessary in order for the puppy to grow healthy and stay healthy.

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