Male Castration

Although female castration is a discrete way of avoiding unwanted pregnancies and modifying their behaviors, there are people who unjustly protest against male dog castration.

Maternal Aggressiveness
In some female dogs, the feminine hormones increase the maternal aggressiveness. During the period of hormonal increase, in general twice a year, some female dogs become irritable, possessive with their toys and overly protective with their little corner of the house. Sterilization reduces or eliminates this kind of female aggressiveness, yet it doesn't eliminate other kinds of aggressiveness.

Similar Problems
It is more likely that similar dogs get into a fight than dogs that are of a different size, age or gender.

Aggressiveness towards People
Almost all dogs are happy to be treated as subordinate members of the pack and obey the orders of all of the members of the human family with no complaints. But some masters unwillingly teach their dogs that they (the dogs) are the real masters. The bosses (the dogs, in this case) go through the doors first and their requests for comfort and affection are immediately fulfilled.

When a dog is convinced that he is the boss of the pack, it is probable that he will use his aggressiveness to reinforce his domination. In order to correct this behavior, you may need to count on the services of a professional dog trainer.

The aggressiveness of each individual dog is based on the conviction that the dog has that he is the dominant one, although in some dogs this can be caused by fear. The ways of correcting both problems are different, so you have to make sure you are using the right one.

No Comfort
Attach a loose leash to your dominant dog when he's at home and order him to "get off" if he climbs onto your furniture.

No Risks
If you make your dog wear the muzzle or an adjustable head collar, you are ensuring that the dog's mouth will be closed. This submits the dog and encourages him to you're your orders.

No Answer
Do away with any and every manifestation of affection towards your dog, at least for the time being. If you want your dog to obey you, you should do your activities on your own without paying attention to your dog. Ignore him until he stops asking and then order him to "sit" and then pet him. The dog will soon learn that you are the boss at home.

Constant Monitoring
You should clean your dominant dog at least once a day and make sure that his mouth is closed and attached to a leash at home. You should obligate your dog to stay lying down for a long period of time twice a day and for, at least, three weeks.

The Last One to Eat
In pack of wolves, the leader always eats before its subordinates. Prepare your dog's food and show it to him but don't give to him until you have finished eating your food. During the weeks of readaptation, don't reward the dog with food in between meals.

The Last One to Leave
Don't let your dog walk towards the door in front of you. Teach him that you, as the leader, always go out first and you are the leader of the pack. Your dog has to regulate his pace according to yours.

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