Meet & Introduce Dog to other Dog. Aggressive Dogs

When two dogs meet: How two dogs come to get along will depend a lot on certain factors such as how compatible their personalities are and on how they are presented to each other in the first place. Some dogs are shy and they act worried around other dogs, while there are others that love playing and highly enjoy meeting as many other dogs as possible.This type of behavior is similar to those of human beings; some people are good at socially communication and meeting other people while there are others that get into fights or problems due to confusions about their real intentions. Therefore, when a dog meets another, their body language plays a very important and fundamental role and it is the owner's job to learn to read them.

Apprehensive dogs: When a dog does not show or have enough socialability when meeting another dog, or when he seems to be too decided on jumping toward another dog, it often times makes the other dog feel a little overwhelmed, especially if the dog is going at him at a fast speed. When this happens, just allow the two dogs to smell each other (obviously the dogs should be on a leash), while this is happening you will notice how the dogs will avoid having any eye contact with each other. If the dog's ears are back it means the dog is interested and he will often times put his tail in a neutral position so as to not provoke any hostility from the other dog. If the dog wags his tail a lot, it means he is excited. If a dog maintains a rigid posture and does not reciprocate the smelling gestures of another dog, it usually makes the "smeller" a little worried and you will be able to notice if this is happening by looking at his tail, if the dog is getting worried about it, the hair on the base of his tail and back will start to stick up, he won't be as exuberant as he began and he will seem doubtful.

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