Mixed Breed Puppy

Taking care of a cross or mixed breed puppy is a marvelous adventure. Nobody can be certain of anything. There is, however, a criteria that will help you to predict the size and idiosyncrasy of your Mixed Breed Puppy.

Aspect of the Mixed Breed Puppy: The phenotype (vocabulary) of a dog takes at least a year to show completely. This time will be full of surprises for the owner: Will the nose stay like that? Will the hair be longer? If you know both the parents of your puppy, then you will have an idea of what to expect, but if you don't, then the only option for you is to let yourself be surprised.

Size of the Mixed Breed Dog: Surprises are usually unpleasant. If you count with little room at home and your nice little pup turns out to be the size of a small cow, you will probably have a serious problem. The following criteria will help you predict the approximate size your dog will have:

Relation size-age:The golden rule says: when the puppy is two months old, it is one fourth of its grown-up size, when it is four, a third, and when it is six months old, two thirds. The actual size is achieved when the pup gets to be a year old. If you don't really know the age of your pup, have a look at the teeth: if the pup still has milk teeth, small and sharp, then its age is less than four moths. The pup will start changing teeth when it is 4-6 months old. Actual grown-up dog teeth are a lot bigger and rounder than milk teeth.

Size of the head and legs:The fact that the head and legs are in proportion of the rest of the body is provoked by the growth of the bones: bones that do not grow too fast are usually longer than the rest. So, you can say a dog will be big if the head and legs seem to be extremely big.

Idiosyncrasy of Dogs: Everyone who gets a dog expects not only certain physic characteristics, but also some psychic qualities. The owner of a dog cannot be certain about these characteristics. Your dog can be the most loyal and friendly pet, or quite the opposite. Keep in mind there are some considerations you should be aware of.

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