Mixed Dog Breeds and Mutts

Mixed Dogs and Mutts: There are some people that prefer not having a pure breed. Many people instead choose mixed dog breeds or mutts. Mutts are usually excellent, healthy and lovable pets with very good personalities and they adapt very well to a family's lifestyle. Their life expectancy is anywhere from ten to fifteen years and many times they do not suffer from the same ailments their relatives pure breeds do. The expression "mutt" applies both to dogs who were born from a mother and father of different pure breeds, or from a father and mother with several breeds in them. Most mixed dogs are a result of an undesired copulation, but there are owners that decide to mix their dog with another breed out of their own free will. Mixed dogs, are not a product of a breeding for the intention of conserving their specific features. Without the limitation of genetic resources, mixed breeds possess certain hereditary features of very diverse lineages. This is the reason these mixes generally come out more robust and healthy, with more resistance to diseases, unlike pure breeds, and they have much less probabilities of suffering from the hereditary malformations most breeds do. There are people that actually enjoy not knowing what their puppy will end up looking like when he or she grows. Once a mixed dog grows, you can try to determine what breeds he or she has in them.

Choosing a mixed dog: There are several ways of acquiring mixed dogs. Usually, a neighbor or friend will offer us one of the puppies the pure breed had due to an unknown escapade. Usually puppies born this way are quite cute looking. If a friend or neighbor offers you a puppy you and your family like, try to get to know the mother as much as possible first, in order to see what the puppy will be somewhat like when it grows up. Observe how the mother behaves around her puppies, as this will influence a lot in the temperament the puppies will develop when they are older. There are a lot of mixed dog available in animal shelters that have been abandoned. On some occasions veterinary offices offer a catalogue of puppies and dogs waiting to be re-adopted. Make sure you get to know as much of the back ground history of the dog or puppy before acquiring it though such as if the puppy was raised with his mother, if he has any brothers or sisters etc. All of this information will help you be able to better determine what the puppy's personality will be like later on and it will help know how to train your dog the right way as well. The way you are going to take care of the puppy and train him are also determining factors of the dogs future conduct and character.

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