Causes of Dog Trauma; Bloat, Frostbites, Snakebites

Eye injury: In the event that some substance gets into your dog's eye you should immediately rinse it out with large amounts of cool fresh water. In some instances it is better to use a mild saline solution to rinse out your dog's eye.
If the substance is toxic seek medical assistance immediately.
If an object becomes lodged in your dog's eye you must absolutely not attempt to remove it yourself.

Frostbite: When the temperature goes below zero Celsius it is important to keep a close eye on your dog especially if it lives outdoors. If you find that your dog has become frostbitten you should immediately take it out of the cold and gently allow the frozen parts to warm in tepid water (about 40C).
Your dog's paws and ears are the parts most susceptible to frostbite. Do not massage or rub the affected areas as this can lead to more serious permanent injury. Seek medical assistance immediately.

Laceration with heavy bleeding: There are two things that you want to do if your dog receives a deep cut, one is to stop the bleeding and the other is to prevent infection. To stop the bleeding you should cover the injury with a clean cloth or gauze bandage and apply direct pressure to the area this should at least slow the blood loss. Whenever your dog is seriously wounded and in pain you must be careful that your dog does not accidentally bite you. It is not a recommended that you attempt to apply a tourniquet as this can lead to more serious problems like gangrene.
Seek medical assistance immediately.

Bloat: Bloat is normally seen only in the larger barrel chested dogs Great Danes. It is thought that bloat is the result of the dog eating too much dry dog food too quickly. The most common symptoms are dry vomiting, extreme discomfort, and a swollen abdomen. If bloat is not taken care of it can be fatal.
The only treatment for serious cases of bloat is surgery so seek medical assistance immediately.

Snakebites: If your dog receives a snakebite don't panic because to give your dog the best chance of survival you must keep it as still and calm as possible and if you "lose it" then your dog will not remain calm either.
You should not try and suck out the poison or apply any kind of tourniquet as these can lead to more serious problems. Try and keep your dog stationary and if possible below the level of your dog's heart. You must get medical assistance immediately. The bite of a snake is very painful so be extremely careful when handling the dog.

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