My dog destroys the house. How can I solve the problem?

Around seven months of age, when puppies have already their definitive teeth, their need of bite is reduced. In a grown dog, destructive conducts maybe a symptom of the dog's fear of being abandoned, but also could mean he is bored, or lack of exercise, or a mixture of both. Try leaving your dog in the house alone for a short period of time, no more than 10 minutes, and give him an appropriate toy to bite, before going out. If when you come back, the house is intact, reward him. If not, ignore him and repeat the process, till he is aware of what is expected from him, and understands that you are going out only for short periods. Gradually stay out for longer periods, until he gets used to it. It can happen that your dog howls when you are out. Watch this conduct closely. Barking when strangers come to the house could be good, but you must control it. Order him to keep quiet, and reward him when he stops barking. If he insists doing the same, then kick him, softly, to stop him from barking. You should not use electric collars, cause this problem can be solved with more humane methods. Also, surgery known as ventricle cordotomy, to silent the dog, must not be allowed.

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