How to Train a Dog to Walk on a Leash

A regular exercising period is better than long walks on weekends. Correct distance off the leash depends on where are you taking your dog; it is a key part of How to Train a Dog to Walk on aLeash. If you can have the dog off the leash, surely he will run much more than you going from one place to another. Puppies shouldn't exercise excessively, which is also recommendable for huge breeds that develop slowly: these dogs can be affected with muscular and articulation disturbances if they make long excursions before reaching maturity.Until six months of age, your dog won't be ready to be freed when going for a walk. The best indication that your dog has enough exercise is his reaction back home; if he goes to sleep soon, it means the walk has been long enough, if, on the other side, shows no signs of fatigue, you can give him an additional exercise. Generally, for small breeds, a walk of 1.5 km daily will be enough, but bigger dogs can cover at least ten times that distance. Avoid walking too far away, training your dog to bring back a rubber ring, which will strengthen relations between both of you, and will help him in his training. Bringing back something is a natural instinct related with hunting habits. Remember, however, to prevent him to go into a field with sheep or other farm animals. Even if he does not hurt the sheep directly, he may cause panic among them, damaging those on the brink of delivery.I want my dog to do some exercises in the garden

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