Symptom of Epilepsy in Dog

Could it happen again? My dog had a collapse when returning from a walk, but suddenly recovered. This is an alarming situation, and you should go to the veterinarian for advice, there may be different causes, and you maybe will have to face again the same problem. Epilepsy in dogs is known, specially inCocker Spaniels, and can lead to a sudden collapse. The dog seems to lose control of his own body, during an epilepsy attack, and can defecate and urinate. Cause is unknown, but treatment is available to control these attacks. Things other than Dog Epilepsy can cause for collapse, specially in braquicefallic breeds like the Bulldog, is a malformation where the velum is longer than usual. This, however, can affect the larynx, and causing troubles for normal breathing. When this happens, pull the tongue out and, if necessary, open his mouth to be sure there's no obstruction. If no reaction, artificial breathing must be done immediately.

What should I do if my dog needs artificial breathing?

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