Dogs and Anaesthesia. Anesthetized Dog

The have my dog anesthetized, I have to leave him overnight at the veterinary. Is this normal? Generally, yes, but depends on particular circumstances. Of course they will ask you to watch your dog, so he does not receive food or drink during some period of time.Under anesthesia effects, a dog can be vomiting, and the food or liquids will go to his lungs. As the dog won't be able to cough normally, this could have fatal consequences. A full stomach may also difficult breathing when the dog is unconscious. If you think your dog has been searching something in the garbage during the previous critical period, tell that to your veterinarian quickly. He could treat your dog some other way, or even restructuring the process of the operation if needed. The risk of anesthesia in a dog is usually low. If the veterinary is worried, he will discuss the most important aspects with you. Obviously, fat and older dogs face a major risk than young and healthy dogs. There are more possibilities of complications with determined breeds. In the case of the Greyhound, for example, there is little grease in his body to absorb the barbituric anesthetic applied through a shot, and if used, the dose will have to fit his special requirements. These factors have influence in recovery periods. Generally, the veterinarian has the dog under close supervision, till he recovers from anesthetic effects, as well as surgery.

My veterinarian has prescribed some pills

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