Dog Car Sickness: Puppy gets dizzy traveling by car

Is there any way to prevent dog car sickness? The best is to take him in your car when has only some weeks of age, but not to the veterinarian. Then he will get used to travel by car without associating this to a probably painful experience with the doctor. Surprisingly, adult young dogs are more prone to get dizzy than puppies; a conflict between sight senses and balance arises, causing vomit. To prevent these effects do not feed him four hours previous to the trip.Be sure air-conditioning in the car is appropriate, and don't get angry is the dog vomits. First, try to make short trips, so he gets used to the car, and the risk of getting dizzy will be reduced. Be careful if your dog likes to get his head out of the window while you are driving, this could be very dangerous, something could get into his eyes, or even he might try to go out.

My dog misbehaves in the car

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