Natural Balance Dog Food. Healthy dog food

Fitness Dog food
Every one that works needs force. There is no doubt: that a dog into sports will need a good balanced diet, to keep his exercise capacity up. But the raise of energy consumption is only given to animals that demand a high exhaustion regularity. The energetic danger of the dogs family maintains itself almost constantly when playing and doing sports. But it doesn't matter: he also needs a balanced diet to stay in good shape. Important factors to keep in mind among others are: the intensity and frequency of the training, the age, physical constitution and size of the dog.

Note about healthy dog food: In a hypothetical case, that the dog is exhausted, never give him, for compassion or reward and extra meal because he will gain weight.

The figure test is a very simple procedure to prove if a dog is over weight. Touch the dog's ribs behind from behind his shoulders, at the height of his thorax. If they are no longer able to be felt, it means that the dog is fat.

Dog food Control
The periodic control is essential when talking about dog food control (especially when the dog start his training), if seeing its enough.

Verify what's next:

  • Constant Weight: weigh the dog once a moth to prove it.
  • Normal Depositions: the dog's excrement must not be too hard or too soft.
  • Soft skin and shiny hair: soft skin and disheveled peeling indicate parental manifestation is caused by no variation in his diet.
  • Good Appetite: the dog empties his bowl immediately. The occasional loss of appetite it's not a motivation for worry since it may have several causes. Nevertheless, if your dog refuses to eat for more 28 hours take hi to the vet immediately.

With out water you can't work
Drinking water is more important for the capacity endearment than giving the dog extra food rations. When a dog is in movement, his temp (between 38 and 39 Celsius degrees) rapidly increases and produces a sinking in his physical state when it tops 41 degrees. He can only avoid the heat stroke by drinking water, so that by the dogs panting it will eliminate the heat vaporization though the tongue. Contrary to humans dogs don't sweat.

Feeding Puppies & Young Dogs

When feeding young dogs and puppies you must keep in mind how fast they develop. Young dogs like moving around. Their first training games must not tire them out so much but just be enough to please their desire to move around. So consequently it's not good to give them extra food rations purposed to restore the energetic balance in games and sports.

Prepared Foods for young dogs and puppies hold all the necessary nutrition, vitamins and minerals. It is fundamental to follow the instructions and not give larger rations than the ones indicated. Not even if your dog spends all his time running back in forth in your garden. Don't forget to take a pause after each meal for a period of at least an hour.

Adult Dogs: Correct Feeding is indispensable

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