Neutered Dog Neutering & Horny Dogs

Dog neutering is a must do if don't want the dog to have any offspring. A dog that has not been neutered has a more urgent need to reproduce especially when a female dog is in heat. Female dogs and male dog if not neutered, will both feel motivated to copulate when the female is in heat. Female dogs go into heat two times a year and during this time, both male and female dogs will do absolutely everything they possibly can to get together and mate overcoming all types of obstacles to produce the next generation of puppies. This is one of the reasons there is such an excessive amount of dogs that do not have access to a good home that can take them in. One good way to avoid these unwanted pregnancies to happen is to neuter or spay the dog. This will not only to contribute to making sure unwantedanimals do not increase, but it will also avoid all the trouble and inconvenient and undesired behavior dogs show in their desperation to find a mate to copulate with.

Horny Dog

It becomes quite difficult to stop a male dog from escaping from the house when a female dog is in heat and in the proximity of thehouse. A male dog will do almost anything to get to the female dog and this mission turns into the dogs fundamental objective to the point where they will even risk their lives to make sure they get to the female dog. This can implicate jumping over high fences, since the motivation is so strong and it gives them the impetus they need to try. A male dog that is not able to get out of his property will often times stop eating and will become frustrated. One solution to this problem is to neuter the male dog as this will get rid of the dog's motivation to escape and it will eliminate his frustration derived from an unsatisfied frustration. One important point to keep in mind though, is that neutering will not resolve an escaping problem if the motives are due to boredom or depression.

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