New Born Puppy Care. Newborn Puppy Care

A new born (newborn) puppy dog requires lots of love, perseverance, and flexibility are required in order to confront and face new situations that might make you angry and upset at first such as a pee stain on your new couch, or dog poop on the floor etc. Remember that just like children, puppies are not born knowing these things; they must be taught, and doing that requires attention and patience. But it is just that; attention and patience, that will be the beginning of a relationship that will go on forever despite the obstacles that occur along the way. The greatest achievements in house training a new born puppy have always been a result of love and comprehension since every training is based on a repetitive scheme of corrections without resorting to physical abuse, which in the end will leave us with the best friend anyone could want and ask for. The biggest and most important job a dog owner has is to know how to capture and understand the meaning of what it is to have a puppy by discovering and truly understanding this new little fellow whose world differs so much from ours, but which is at the same time a very integral part of our world.

The NewBorn Puppy:Each breed of puppies are born with certain genes that highlight their characteristics whether it be guard dogs, companion dogs, work dogs, or lap dogs. Anyone interested in getting a dog must be aware of the complex structure and individuality of their puppy based on the characteristics of each one. There are many different ways to communicate completely with a dog, and even though our language is not something they are able to understand to the full, it is possible for us to condition it in a way they can understand such as by using different commands in short words clearly; obviously these words must never be the same as other words to avoid the puppy from getting confused. Whenever we are trying to communicate we should catch the attention of the puppy so that he looks at us in the eyes, because this is the best way to keep him attentive and alert.

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