New experiences for a Puppy Dog

Think of all the new things that you could show your dog in the next coming week.

In the house

  • The noise of the washing machine and drying machine.
  • The noise of a vacuum cleaner being used and the sight of someone using it.
  • The noise of a telephone.
  • The television (noise and image).
  • People talking between each other or singing
  • Visits, coming and leaving the house.

In the house and outside

  • Adult strangers.
  • Bearded men.
  • People using sun glasses.
  • People using hats or caps.
  • People using helmets.
  • People using headphones or talking on a cell phone.
  • People using an umbrella.
  • Five children that you don't know.

Other dogs

  • Adult dogs, big or small.
  • Adult dogs, brown or black.
  • Adult dogs yellow or white.
  • Other puppies.stroller

Other animals

  • Horses.
  • Cats.
  • Any other animal.


  • In the car.
  • On a bus.
  • On the train or the subway.
  • On a boat.

The outer world

  • Strollers and food carts.
  • Tractors or trucks
  • Parks or out in the field.
  • Pedestrian precinct (open markets, pedestrian streets with little open street shops or shopping centers).
  • Other houses or other gardens other than yours.
  • The inside of a shop (one where dogs are allowed of course).
  • The entrance of a supermarket (but don't leave him tied alone outside).

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