Observations About Canine Sense of Smell

A dog's sense of smell is put to use every time a dog comes in contact with man. It tells the dog if it knows the man or other dog and if it's trustworthy.

It's extraordinary sense of smell allows it to:

  • follow the trail of a wild animal;
  • looking for mushrooms underground;
  • trace a criminal, find a lost child or the best hidden drugs;
  • find a person buried under up to seven meters under snow or debris.

"When dogs sense something interesting they're first reaction is to find where and what it's coming from, if they are hunting dogs and have an extremely good sense of smell, distract them and make them stay close to their owner."

Dogs Smell The World: The dogs' most important sense is that of smell. Dogs' nasal cavity is 30 times larger than mans' and it's capacity is even greater yet. Here are some examples:

  • a dog can smell our mood, and if we accept or reject it;
  • when following a trail it can recognize how long it's been there and which way it's going;
  • it smells dogs that have been there before on corners, light posts or trees and receives information about it;
  • obviously, the dog knows the precise smell of it's owner. It's not good to constantly change perfumes as it may cause confusion.

When a dog is new in a house, regardless if it's a puppy or not, it's owner shouldn't change perfumes for at least half a year. Only this way will the dog recognize your smell. Try to avoid excessively strong perfumes because they irritate dogs. Don't forget that dogs have a different sensation of the world than us.

Dogs and their sense of taste

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