Official Dog Lover Club: Cinofilia

The word cinofilo describes dog lovers and is interested in them, and the official cibofilia is the group of rules and institutions that allow selection and protection of breeds activities, to strengthen and to have an own identity.For a long time, the canine species has reproduced by nature, through casual couplings without human intervention. The dog, beyond any doubt, started serving the man in hunting, and humans fed them in reward for their help. As time went by, this animal stood in close relation with humans, and starting to form part of their lives, and reproducing themselves even in a camping.

Afterwards, gradually the dog showed some other qualities: protection of cattle and persons, as carriers, different kinds of hunting... Dogs started to benefit from a selection that become not natural, but that was not in any way the one we know now: first evolution was made according to the environment where they lived, that means their hair, size, and character should adapt well to the weather and typography of his territory (in a natural state, an animal living at the seaside in England, will not have the same characteristics that some other living in snowy mountains or in the north African desert). Afterwards, character and morphology should adapt to the work they are going to have (a pulling dog is not the same as shepherd or a hunting dog). Step by step, human beings have been selecting reproduction, but without second thoughts regarding esthetic or other criteria, but efficiency. A hunter will only want his dog to reproduce if he does his work well, and will only give him a hunting female. This way most of breeds started: characters were fixed (physical and psychological), and dogs from the same regions and same work started to look much alike.

And finally, human beings started to show more interest in dogs and their scientific selection. This enthusiasm is not only for dogs, but with everything related to zootecnia, and in particular, raising farm animals: cows, horses, pigs, sheep,,, It's a period where science evolution and consumption needs and profits combined to produce more and better. Then consanguineous techniques start to be dominated, in particular thanks to investigations and practices of British citizen, Blackwell, which allows, among other things, to create ovine breeds like the south down, and to grant a determined importance to breeds purity.

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