Best Dog for Child ? Old Dogs and Children

The Best Dog for Children is in our family album. I appear in various pictures as a four year old girl playing with Mohrle—a black grayish Spaniel. Mohrle arrived at our house because his owner considered him too old to go hunting. He was an excellent babysitter. He would sit next to us while we played in the sand box, and watch us attentively. Mohrle was a good friend, one we could rely on, play with and take fresh air with. He was too old for abrupt games, but was perfect as a reliable companion.It is difficult to find an old dog that can grow accustomed to kids, having never been around them. We were really fortunate with Mohrle. He was born to take care of kids, which is unexpected from old dogs. Dogs that are not accustomold kided to children will generally treat them the same way they would treat a puppy. Male dogs tend to be more tolerant with kids than female dogs, but both genders will impose their canine discipline on them.

If you wish to take in an old dog and you have small children, you will have to implement a learning program for both. The dog must learn that the kids are above him in the hierarchy of the house. He will accept it well, as longold dog children as the kids behave as they should. The kids must learn to respect your dog, and that he should not be interrupted when resting. Naps are very sacred to an old dog. If there is enough time before his arrival, try to prepare your children by showing them the proper behavior they should have toward their new family member. Obviously, at first you will not leave your children and dog alone without supervision.

Living with an old dog is a learning experience for children. They learn that different ages come with certain life styles. In addition, they learn to be considerate and comprehensive. A kid becomes observant with sensibility to better comprehend his new canine friend. Nowadays, there are ongoing investigations concerning the connection between humans and dogs. The research has shown that the satisfaction of one's life increases if an individual has had a close relationship with his dog. This does not mean thbest dog for kidsat dogs should begreat kid dog given away as treatment for kids with problems, but it should be clear that dogs are important in the development of kids. In this context, there is an additional aspect concerning old dogs. A child will be able to experience the pain that comes from the death of a friend. In society, it is rare to consider death as a part of life. The death of a human being has become a taboo—it tends to be a closed door in the hospital and people do not talk about it. This is a flaw and a loss because we abandon the person who is feeling pain over the deceased. Dogs, in particular old ones, can be our teachers and help us find answers to what really is essential in life. Saying goodbye to your dog

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